Our Core Values.

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At KinderKare, the health and safety of your child is our number one priority.

With 50 years of experience in the field of childcare, we are experts at striking the balance between keeping children safe, whilst allowing them the freedom and independence they need to explore and develop.

Some of our safety measures include:

  • 100% of staff are first aid trained.
  • All carers trained in safety policies.
  • Secure door entry systems.
  • Food areas independently inspected.
  • Safe recruitment policies which include all carers police approved.
  • Secure child collection procedure.
  • Toys, equipment and play areas checked regularly.
  • Gas, electric, water, and fire systems checked by independent experts.
  • Regular risk assessments on resources, activities and premises.

Healthy food

A balanced diet is essential for healthy growth and a foundation block to the learning process. Proper nutrition in childhood can reinforce lifelong eating habits that contribute to your children’s overall well being and help them to grow up to their full potential and lead a healthy life. Meal times are also a social occasion that provide an opportunity to develop social skills and table manners.

  • Every nursery has its own chef who prepares tasty, healthy, homemade food.
  • Varied menus designed by a nutritional expert.
  • Freshly prepared every day at the nursery using wholesome foods.
  • Children grow food themselves in the garden.
  • All special dietary requirements are catered for.
  • Children learn about the importance of food as part of a healthy lifestyle.
  • The cost of all food and drink is included in the fees.
  • All baby food is made from scratch on site every day.
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Happy children

Happiness is the most important thing we can foster in ourselves and our children. when children are in safe loving environments they are free to relax and have fun, make new friends and play freely having the time of their lives. When children feel secure and happy they become confident. Social skills promote high self esteem which allows children to enjoy life and develop as an individual.

  • Children make good friends at nursery.
  • Busy daily routine to keep children well occupied.
  • Caring and attentive staff that plan for the children’s individual needs.
  • A variety of equipment and fun play areas.
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The Parent Partnership

We want you to feel like we are a part of your extended family and believe in seamless learning between nursery and home. We believe that parents should be centrally involved in their child’s experiences and development whilst in our care. Constant communication and parental involvement helps to bring us together and create a team focused on your child’s development.

  • Development folder. This is a record of your child’s development during their whole time at KinderKare. It documents your child’s progression from their first day at nursery all the way through their journey until they go to primary school. This information will help the school to understand and continue developing your child.
  • Daily Diary. A diary that goes back and forth between the parents and nursery every day. It promotes a daily one to one discussion detailing everything that has happened during your child’s day.
  • Regular parents evenings.
  • Helping parents by offering free government funded sessions for 2, 3 and 4 your old children.
  • Regular newsletters.
  • Nursery Managers always available to speak one to one.
  • Dedicated parents notice boards. Keeping you up to date with all the latest news and events.
  • Special events calendar. Encouraging parental involvement in family nursery events such as parents evenings, Christmas parties, BBQ’s etc.