The Perfect Day

perfect_dayMy Perfect Day at KinderKare


Mummy drops me off at nursery; Sue greets me with a big Hello & waves at me as she opens the door. I give Sue a big smile back.  Mummy takes me to see Becky in the baby room, Becky is my Key worker. I greet Becky with another big smile as I’m really looking forward to my day at nursery. Mummy talks to Becky about my routine, so Becky knows when I will want my milk, sleep etc.


I have weetabix for breakfast, my favourite!!!!!

8:30 – 11:00

I am so excited to see all the lovely bright toys/play mats around the room. I can’t wait to play with them, discovering all the new colours, textures, sounds. I’m having lots of fun!

It’s a lovely sunny day today!  So as soon as I have got my sun cream and sun hat on I can go outside to explore. We have a nice soft play area to crawl on.

Ellie asked me if I would like to go & play in the sand & water trays. Splashing & getting messy. I’m definitely going to try this.

11:00 Singing time.

Becky & Ellie love to sing to us, we join in by making noises, clapping & laughing to them.

11:15   Lunch time!!!!!  Yummy

I love trying all new foods, at the moment I am learning to eat lots of new foods. Today we have savoury mince & rice with apple crumble & custard. I ate all of mine. We have freshly cooked meals every day with fresh fruit & vegetables. Water is offered to us all day long. So I enjoy this with my lunch.


I’m exhausted after my lunch, so Becky puts me in my cot for a little sleep.



After my lovely sleep, I am ready for my bottle, Becky makes the bottle up for me & we sit quietly to have this, Becky has a nice relaxing rocking chair she can sit in to give me this.


I join all the other children for singing time & action songs, it’s lots of fun making new noises with the musical instruments, I play these to the songs.


Time to explore again,

We have a different selection of toys, mats & activities to choose from now. I explore the room; Ellie is painting, so I decide to paint a picture for Mummy & Daddy. Ellie shows me how to paint my hand. I enjoy making prints on the paper & putting my hands in the paint. Mummy & Daddy will love my picture.

3:15 Tea time

Sandwiches, tomato wedges, fruit & yoghurt. YUMMY!!!!!. I try the sandwiches but I am still learning to eat finger foods, so I have some Potato, Swede & carrot mash alongside mine.


Becky sits & reads some stories to us, we then listen to nursery rhymes while we look through all the books & play with the toys.


Mummy arrives to collect me. Becky tells Mummy what a lovely day I have had at nursery. She gives Mummy my day diary so she can show Daddy what a wonderful day I have had too. She also gives mummy my picture I made. Mummy was so happy. I can’t wait to come back to nursery tomorrow.